Personalised Interactive Advertising

People spend over 4 hours a day looking at their smartphones
MOD has leveraged SugarWiFi to deploy the largest WiFi Advertising network in Singapore. Converting customers smartphones into millions of personalised interactive digital displays.
With SugarWiFi Advertising consumers can view and engage with branded and personalized content, while enjoying free WiFi.

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How It Works

Branded WiFi Network

Full exposure on SugarWiFi Advertising via a Branded WiFi Network Name. Widespread Brand recognition inside of cafes, bars, restaurants, retailers and events.

Splash Page Advertisment

Full exposure on SugarWiFi Advertising via a Splash Page Ad. Completely customisable to suit your advertising message. An exclusive digital billboard in the hands of every wifi user.

Targeted Landing Page

Full exposure on SugarWiFi Advertising via a Targeted Landing Page. Bridge the offline to online marketing gap. Push specific customers to personalised landing pages for seamless remarketing.

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